UAV operators to benefit on this easy to use, hassle free sales platform.

With the advent of the constantly evolving information technology sector, artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles, it is only befitting that organisations starts to place heavy emphasis onto technological systems in order to prepare for the journey into the sustainable future. This is in part, the developments in which Pen Aviation has in place – starting with the recent completion of the first digital platform in enabling UAV operators to resell their professional equipment.

This easy to use platform has been developed to cater for a digital marketplace besides doing its part in further growing the unmanned aerial systems and vehicle industry. UAV operators benefits primarily from this platform as they will be provided with the first of its kind opportunity in reselling their professional equipment (which can consist of UAV platforms and/or sensors) with a maximum take-off mass at or above 20 kgs.

With its multi-criteria search option and the platform’s capability of including examples of usage for the UAV, it further enables simplicity of usage for the potential purchaser. As for the initial stages, the platform will leverage on the networking strength of Pen Aviation within the aerospace industry to start the ball rolling before handing the reigns back to information technology systems.

To be on Pen Aviation’s UAV Sales Digital Platform, you are encouraged to proceed with the following 3 processes:

  1. Send Pen Aviation particulars, visuals both static (photos) and dynamic (video) of your UAV to;
  2. Should your UAV qualify, Pen Aviation will send you a marketing and brokerage agreement;
  3. Upon signing, Pen Aviation will place your UAV up onto the platform, where all promotion activities will commence via dissemination to Pen Aviation’s UAV Operator database.

To know more about Pen Aviation’s UAV Sales Digital Platform, do contact Pen Aviation via phone at +603 7625 6638 or email at

Text: TY Lim